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Football Manager Live

Football Manager Live
developed by Sports Interactive Ltd

What is "Football Manager Live"?

Football Manager Live is a new title created by Sports Interactive aimed at internet play. They have taken all there experience from making the widely sucessfuly Football Manager series of games and used it to create an imersive and adictive online game. You take the role of a football manager and build a team that you can use to challenge other managers online.

How was P.I.S.D. involved?

This new title from Sports Interactive uses the P.I.S.D. Development Libraries to create the highly polished graphical user interface. The easy to use and flexible skinning system enabled the graphics artist to create the high quality appearance this game enjoys. The P.I.S.D. Development Libraries have enabled this release to be developed on MS Windows, Apple Mac and Linux concurrently with each developer using the platform of their choice. This proved to be a very useful way of working as errors that were hidden by compiler or OS nuances were instantly visible on another platform.

Did P.I.S.D. help with game design?

No, P.I.S.D. Ltd did not help with any part of the game design. However Paul Norman one of the P.I.S.D. Directors worked on this project for Sports Interactive. Paul worked as part of the development team designing and building technical parts of the game mostly related to user interface, network communication and server installation. He designed the server infrastructure using the P.I.S.D. Development Libraries and their powerful networking routines.

I Want to Know More...

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