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Out of The Park Baseball 2007

Out of The Park Baseball 2007
developed by Sports Interactive Ltd

Andreas from OOTP Developments said, "You don't need to know DirectX, OpenGL or any other system, PISD does all you need and is as fast as lightning"

What is "Out of the Park Baseball 2007"?

Out of the Park Baseball 2007 is the sequel to Out of the Park Baseball 2006 and boasts many new features including FaceGen technology for fictional player photos, league expansion wizard, vastly improved historical simulation with automatic expansion & team relocation, vastly improved AI, easier to use interface, many more news articles, improved play-by-play.

How was P.I.S.D. involved?

Out of the Park Baseball continues to use the P.I.S.D. Development Libraries to create its highly polished graphical user interface. The flexible and easy to use interface provided by the P.I.S.D. Development Libraries has been well received by the development team. It has provided a solid application framework that has handled all demands and expectations made of it.

How was the P.I.S.D. Based Interface Received?

PC Gamer July 2007 issue: (92/100 - Editor's Choice Award)
"OOTP 2007 gets a once-great series back on the road to Cooperstown by balancing depth with a user-friendly interface."

Gameshark.com: (A)
"OOTP has excellent graphics for a text sim. The game broadcast screen uses a vivid, colorful, screenshot of a baseball stadium as a background. The other screens are colorful but not gaudy, and are easy on the eyes."

Orioles Hangout:
"One of the areas where 2007 makes a leap forward is the interface."

Where can I get it?

You can read more about Out of The Park Baseball and download the latest version from here.