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Boxer Ratings

Post by Boerboel » Sun 28 Jul, 2013 7:40 pm

I've been Title Bout user since 1981(Avalon Hill Board Game). Some of the fighters ratings are just not accurate for TBCB 2013. Especially since George Foreman's prime rating is exactly the same as his prime rating(9). If I remember correctly George's Prime rating in TBCB 2.5 was between a 12-14 not a 9. I tried to re-install my TBCB 2.5 just so I could edit Foreman's rating in the 2013 version. However, it I get a message saying that I have no more licenses remaining. My computer blue screened several times this past year and I had to restore to factory settings, but I always unlicensed my product before doing that. I would like to have my 2.5 license reactivated(I bought that game 2x my order number was included in the email I sent you when I missed the discount code, which you guys gave me credit for thanks).'
Canny you guys also update the fighter records to reflect those from the 2.5 version as they were much more accurate. I appreciate what you guys are doing but this little nuances must be rectified to make this a good and complete game. I think foreman, Zarate, Gomez, (and others) Ratings are off in 2013. If any one could copy and paste me the ratings especially of prime foreman. I'd very much appreciate it. You can send it via PM or to

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Re: Boxer Ratings

Post by Paul Norman » Mon 29 Jul, 2013 9:47 am

In order to get your v2.5 game up and running again you will need to contact Andreas at OOTP Developments as I do not have access to versions prior to tb2013. The data is exactly the same, both v2.5 and TB2013 download the data from the same online source that is community maintained. You can find the DB team here:

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