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Post by Boerboel » Mon 21 Apr, 2014 1:32 am

Ever since I upgraded to 1.4, I no longer have the ranking system for my wt classes. Example, before I would go to rankings, select my wt class and it would list my champions and rankings from Champion to number contender all the way down to 20. The current ranking system doesn't have this feature (or at least I don't see it). There are numerous categories for different ranks such as most wins, knockouts, winning percentage etc. But none of them give an accurate portrayal of true ranking. I've found that winning percentage is largely biased to the fighters that fight the most. I don't see any ranking system that takes into consideration fighters with less fights, but have beaten higher rated fighters etc.
What is the best method for determining true rankings based on a fighters win/loss record within my fighter universe.
Need help with this.

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Re: Rankings

Post by Paul Norman » Mon 21 Apr, 2014 9:10 am

Can you give me a little more detail please... Are you going to the rankings list on the Organisation page? if not where? When you say this feature is not there, do you mean a control is missing or you are not seeing what you expected?

Check in the options dialog in the "Game Options" tab that you have sensible settings for the minimum number of fights and number of fighters to show..

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