Knockout Rate

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Knockout Rate

Post by es2796 » Fri 18 Dec, 2015 9:37 pm

From playing numerous heavyweight bouts with this game, it seems to me the knockout ratio is way low. I'm having difficulty scoring knockout's even when a slugger is facing a tomato can. Is this just the luck of the draw, or is there a problem with the game routine?


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Re: Knockout Rate

Post by Cap » Sat 19 Dec, 2015 9:14 pm

Some others have made the same complaint, but I find that all of a sudden I get a string of knockouts.

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Re: Knockout Rate

Post by count_herout » Thu 21 Apr, 2016 5:33 pm

I'm not that familiar with the more recent versions of the games; however, at least in TB2.5, the performance is linked intimately to the boxer profile data. This comes from the original (card) game (which I always call the Trunzo model).

A typical class heavyweight in the Trunzo model was Jersey Joe Walcott, HP=8;KI=7;KDR1=3;KDR2=3;KOR=4;Def=0;PL=40 (or maybe 41 I recall); CFs=10. This is a pretty average quality card (the real Jersey Joe lost 6 bouts by KO in his career, including the two to Marciano).

I found these settings too KO generous in TB2.5; however, by reducing HP to 7, I obtained historically accurate results. Eventually I reduced all my HPs by one point.

One way to test for such is to throw two fighters into Scheduler and run 1,000 simulations (or are we still limited to 500 here?). In any event, the stats should come out pretty close to actual results. If they don't, the factors to change first would be CFs and HP, which should do it. Once you get settings for a fighter we know well (like Jersey Joe), that same adjustment probably should apply almost to everyone else.

One point stressed in the Trunzo model was the importance of CF to everything else. The Trunzo model used a random number 1-20 for CFs, with all pairings rebalanced around 10-10. So, with Jersey Joe at 10 and Ali at 12, the CFs would rebalance at 11-9. Or, if a fighter with CF=9 fought a fighter with CF=8, the bout would rebalance to 10-9. This prevents a match of nothing but constant counterpunching.

I don't know if the current platforms do this, but gamers always can make the adjustments by hand if needed.

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