Help: Operation Round-card Girl.

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Help: Operation Round-card Girl.

Post by count_herout » Thu 21 Apr, 2016 5:08 pm

I posted the following at OOTPD; I offer it here also in the hope someone has a better idea than this beginner (alas, the images were too big, but those who want to can see them at OOTPD):

Help: Operation Round-card Girl

I am trying to add some graphics to TB2.5 (the WTBA uses this platform because the .exe is easier to modify than with later versions -- don't panic, Greg: You still have to buy a game!).

One desirable change would be to have an image of the round-card girl stand atop the round indicator in the bout log. An immediate fix is simply to add an appropriate image to the skin's images folder, then call the image from the appropraite template (#6: BoutLogRoundStart.tpl) -- AFTER SAVING A COPY OF THE TEMPLATE TO A SAFE PLACE, add this text (using notepad) to the top:

<table border="0" width="100%" height="440" align="center" bgcolor="000000" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0";>



<td id = "img"><a name="$$No$$">

<img src="../../images/RCG15_edited.png" alt="Cardgirl" height="440"; style="vertical-align:bottom; padding-left:5px;"/>

<td width="100%"; class="rest"; style="padding-left:0px;" align="left"></a></td>


With Jesse Black (RCG15 -- attachment 1, resize to 215X725) in the images folder (you may have to add one), Jesse will step across the round indicator for each of the rounds in the bout.

Now, notice the line in which appears: "class='rest';" That calls a background image pathed in the template's document head (#2: BoutLogFightData.tpl, and #53: SingleBoutLogFightData.tpl), which for the WTBA are two topless girls in their corners, resting between rounds (don't panic, Crooksie -- a black mask was applied to make "between-rounds" text more visible, so you really can't see very much):

tbody, tr, th, td {
border:0px solid black;


.rest {
background:url('../../images/betweenrounds.png') no-repeat top right;

See attachment 2 (resize to 803X440 -- also in the skin's images folder). With this in place, Jesse will fill the solid black area to the left, and the background photo appears to the right.

So far, so good, but here's the problem:

I have several images of round-card girls -- RCG1 to RCG20 -- which I'd like to get into the game, with each one appearing above the round for which she is holding an appropriate card. So, RCG1 is holding the round-1 card, and I want her to appear above "Round 1." Jesse has been cloned as RCG5, and she should appear above "Round 5" as well as "Round 15," &c./usw.

I can add a javascript array to the template head:

var cardgirls = new Array();
cardgirls[0] = new Image();
cardgirls[0].src = "../../images/RCG1_edited.png";
cardgirls[1] = new Image();
cardgirls[1].src = "../../images/RCG2_edited.png";
cardgirls[2] = new Image();
cardgirls[2].src = "../../images/RCG3_edited.png";
cardgirls[3] = new Image();
cardgirls[3].src = "../../images/RCG4_edited.png";
cardgirls[4] = new Image();
cardgirls[4].src = "../../images/RCG5_edited.png";
cardgirls[5] = new Image();
cardgirls[5].src = "../../images/RCG6_edited.png";
cardgirls[6] = new Image();
cardgirls[6].src = "../../images/RCG7_edited.png";
cardgirls[7] = new Image();
cardgirls[7].src = "../../images/RCG8_edited.png";
cardgirls[8] = new Image();
cardgirls[8].src = "../../images/RCG9_edited.png";
cardgirls[9] = new Image();
cardgirls[9].src = "../../images/RCG10_edited.png";
cardgirls[10] = new Image();
cardgirls[10].src = "../../images/RCG11_edited.png";
cardgirls[11] = new Image();
cardgirls[11].src = "../../images/RCG12_edited.png";

...then add a function to select from the array:

var k = 0;
var round = "$$No$$";
function Cardgirl() {
document.getElementById("cardgirl1").src = cardgirls[k].src;

...and call the function by changing "img src='../../images/RCG15_edited.png'" to "img id='cardgirl1'" (see template #6, supra); however, when I do that, all the cycling occurs for the first image (above "Round 1"), so that what appears is RCG12 (topless girls never fight more than 12 rounds) instead of RCG1. Also, no images appear above the other Round #s but only the alt ("Cardgirl").

I can make RCG1 appear above "Round 1" by adding to the function a display or break command, but the images for the other rounds remain blank -- the function is not kicking over to when the next round of commentary loads. I've tried several approaches (including adding the anchor tag some readers may have noticed in template #6) -- the anchor tag associates each image position with the round number -- but that does not seem to do anything in terms of displaying the desired image.

I've also tried rewriting the function and adding it to the end of the 4th template (BoutLogRoundEnding.tpl) -- in theory, this should recycle each time the game reuses the template to load the next round. But, when I do that, I see no RCG images at all (not even above "Round 1").

Does anyone have an idea re how to proceed here? I think we all would benefit if we could add the graphics to the bout log, so any useful answer would service the entire community.

Attached are additional RCGs (for testing); size each to 215X725 (if they don't come through at that size), and the sizing function in the template will reduce them to the bgimage height of 440px.

Name: RCG15_edited.png
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Name: betweenrounds.jpg
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Name: RCG1_edited.png
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Name: RCG2_edited.png
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Name: RCG3_edited.png
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Re: Help: Operation Round-card Girl.

Post by count_herout » Thu 21 Apr, 2016 5:11 pm

Sorry, Paul: Greg Norman is the golfer (had my Normans confused -- Saxon mistake!).

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Re: Help: Operation Round-card Girl.

Post by Cap » Thu 21 Apr, 2016 8:21 pm

Paul has nothing to do with 2.5, and Andreas has other fish to fry. This forum is strictly for the PISD version of the game. Not sure who amongst the old community on OOTP site could offer any advice on 2.5

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Re: Help: Operation Round-card Girl.

Post by count_herout » Fri 22 Apr, 2016 6:53 pm

Is 2.5 still available? Here or elsewhere? I understood from e-mails with Paul that he had the rights.

Also, the point really is irrelevant: As I recall, the current bout log isn't all that different from the old one. So, do we want better graphics or not? Do we want the round-card girls atop the round indicators or not?

This has universal application.

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Re: Help: Operation Round-card Girl.

Post by Cap » Sat 23 Apr, 2016 7:35 pm

Round Card Girls didn't begin making an appearance in boxing rings until the mid-sixties. As my universe generally involves boxers from the start of the glove era to about the mid fifties, I'd prefer to see a big ol' time-keeper's bell toll the start of a round to lend the fights an air of historical relevance. But that's just me. I don't really want to see topless baseball umpires either... :lol:

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Re: Help: Operation Round-card Girl.

Post by count_herout » Tue 26 Apr, 2016 3:43 pm

Had you looked at the photos posted at OOTPD, you would have seen round-card girls in standard attire. Although we have some topless RCG photos, they are the minority.

It's never a good idea to upstage the principal attractions, which are the fighters themselves!

As those who care to look can see, the photos are designed to stand atop the round sign and show the entire girl. That shape is not consistent with a photo of a gong; however, if that's what you prefer, that's easy to arrange. Simply drop your gong photo into the ../saved games/[skin]/images/[photo identity].[extension] subfolder on the documents side and (AFTER SAVING A COPY OF THE TEMPLATE FIRST!) use Notepad to rewrite the call on template #6 [BoutRoundStart.tpl]. Since you would not be shifting images (or trying to), you would use the " img src = '../../images/[gong photo id].jpg'; " (or other extension, e.g., .png, .gif) instead of the fancy (and so far unsuccessful) Javascript function. (This code is given above and at the OOTPD forum; it simply drops in at the top of the template, and for those satisfied with a single image, it works.) Be sure to remove the template's gong image height requirement [height = "440"] or the computer will stretch your gong to spaghetti! But, keep the width so the gong photo is sized to fit atop the round banner instead of spilling over. In Cap's case, the "alt" changes from "Cardgirl" to "Gong."

Of course, what I emphasize here is that there are all sorts of ways to play the game, from historical explorations to modern management games to outright fantasy sexual romps. Needless to say, the more people play the game -- in whatever form and for whatever reason -- the more sales are generated and the more resources become available for future development. Both Cap and I have to acknowledge the obvious, which is that Paul can't eat for free -- or pay his rent or get a haircut or get a new computer without some kind of income.

In other words, no one is benefited by cutting off another's peculiar amusement.

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Re: Help: Operation Round-card Girl.

Post by count_herout » Thu 26 May, 2016 5:14 pm

The solution to the problem is posted at the OOTPD forums.

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