First Wish List requests !

Do you have an idea or improvement for TB? Or you can see what others are sugesting.

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First Wish List requests !

Post by boss1968 » Sun 16 Jun, 2013 4:57 pm

Okay, after playing the game for a few days, here's just a few minor cosmetic additions I would like to see in a future update/upgrade (whichever comes first ;) ) :

Bigger boxer pics (and fight condition pics) on the actual game fight screen. They are kinda small to really see the blood and black eyes. :geek:

(also, please remove that gold banner/flag at the top of pics. They cover the photo a bit at the top)

Please go back to the 2.5 PBP commentary, using % speeds, as opposed to slow/normal/fast. It would be great to adjust the PBP speed again, using 30% or 40%, etc., instead of 1 of 3 speed options.

Okay, that is it for now. More to come as I get more involved, I'm sure. :o

Thanks !

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Re: First Wish List requests !

Post by Cap » Thu 25 Jul, 2013 3:42 pm

Bigger fighter pics! Great idea. Too bad that isn't something the gamer could customize himself. Some things can be changed with effort, but others are code-controlled so only the programmer can correct them. I've changed the photo-frame in mine and am pretty pleased with the result. I needed help from someone else who had the right editing programme though as none of mine worked.

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