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My Wish List!

Posted: Thu 04 Jul, 2013 6:51 pm
by rspen46
I am just now getting into the newest version, after having used 2.5 & TItle Bout over all for years, so here are a few initial wishes.

1. I can only repeat bouts, up to 100, on occasion, I use to repeat some 1000 when fighters who are rated very closely need more in my Universe to fully predict a percentage winner.
so I would like to see the repeats raised from 100 max to 1000, at least in my game it won't let me go over 100 repeats.

2. Also as I had read somewhere else, Carlos Zarate & George Foreman began as 14 in Power, I clicked on their power to see how high they did go, the 1st time I noticed this, but then their ratings went to 13 in power, & would not let me change them back to 14, can this be fixed & why are these 2 fighters rated at 14 & no one else can even be changed to that number.

3. The way I play my Universe is, I go through each division one at a time & fight each top rated fighter, I usually don't go below 7's & fight each one 100 repeats to see who is the higher percentage winner, then I fight them 1 repeat & change their Prime to non prime & Top condition to non top, so that the established winner in the 100 repeats wins when I do just 1 repeat, so that the winner is then saved & recorded in just 1 fight, this way I am able to establish a fairly solid top 10 to 20 or more in each division based on 100 repeats for each fighter, I would like to see an option, unless I'm overlooking something that will let me keep all my fighter's at Prime to start their bouts with when I go to do 100 repeats, instead of having to go in each time & change them to Prime, to Top Condition & such.

4. Add New Ring Girls, 2.5 I could do this, I don't see anyway on the new one to add additional names for ring girls.

5. I agree with another post here about changing the Photo screen of fighters to more resemble 2.5, the gold frame around the fighters cut's out too much of the photo, I prefer the 2.5 where you see all of the photo & no frame is needed I think, I want to see all of the photo as what I did with my Universe is I collected & resized better photos of most fighters in the game, many of them adding nice action photos, I cropped & resized & saved into the game, so to have them cut down in size & have a gold frame around to me, does not look as good.

The game overall looks nice & has lots of improvements, but don't forget, it's mostly a Man's game that play them, & to me it does not have to have so much fancy trim on it,, like the Gold Frame on the photos, 2.5 screens were much easier to read & look at for long periods when playing the game, due to less fancy stuff on the screens & less color, there is too much to catch your eye with this version, looks nice but does not work as well as when I play 2.5.

Re: My Wish List!

Posted: Fri 05 Jul, 2013 6:59 am
by Infinity
I'm going to try and answer each point for you here.

1. you should be able to go as high as 999 fights the way you describe. If memory serves 999 was the max for 2.5 as well.

2. The Foreman and Zarate ratings should have been 13, and are now with the most recent releases of their ratings. I suspect the 14 was an inadvertent error, which is understandable considering the size of the database.

3. Don't really have an answer for this one, sorry...:P

4. I fully explained how to add new Ring Card Girls in the 2013 manual, which is posted on another section of these forums.

5. I agree about the photo screen. There are other posts about skinning however, and you can personally change that as well on your own by modifying the skin. Don't ask me how, as it's not something I've really delved into

Re: My Wish List!

Posted: Sat 13 Jul, 2013 8:13 pm
by rspen46
Thanks for the Reply, 999 will work, 2.5 does let me had the 4 number, so it will go to 1000, it will let you add any number like that, I've never tried to go beyond 1000, usually 100 repeats does it, but when I have 2 guys that really close, I like to do 1000 to get the best ratings, I will check out the manual on the Ring Card girls, I had thought they placed Foreman & Zarate at 14 because they thought they were a point above everyone else, I've been researching Hitting Power myself & have changed several fighters in different divisions Power Ratings, especially the HW's to more reflect a consensus of what I've found around the web & from months of watching fights, thanks again for the good reply, the new update also fixed all my issues when I was importing my old 2.5.