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options of buying

Posted: Sun 30 Jun, 2013 4:14 pm
by doblica
I am interested to buy TBCB 13
here are my issues and questions:
1. Is there an option to buy from moneybookers account?
2. Is there an option to buy it by paypal account which is not activated (does not have credit card attached).
3. If both answers are no, Can my friend buy it for me, and give my address to get license? Or is the only option that he gets the license if he buys it ?

Re: options of buying

Posted: Sun 30 Jun, 2013 4:43 pm
by Paul Norman

I am afraid I don't know anything about moneybookers so I can;t comment. However the webstore uses PayPal as its main form of handling money. So Assuming an account that is not activated can still make payments then you can just follow the usual buying procedure.

If your PayPal account does not allow payments (whats the point in a PayPal account that can't pay for anything?), then your friend can buy a "discount code" rather than a copy of the game. Then you enter that code in to get the game license. Its a way to buy a copy as a gift.

Read this faq for further information: