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Issues trying to buy the game

Posted: Mon 08 Jul, 2013 9:32 pm
by Calitodeathvalley
I have been a loyal TB owner since 2003. I began having issues with 2.5 where it shuts down every time I try to run a tournament, using the scheduler or starting a fight so I decided to purchase the new version. I have tried numerous times over the past 24 hours to purchase the new version only to continually receive a message that says you are having difficulties with your site and to try again later.....Want to make the purchaase but getting very frustrated.....About to say the hell with it and get rid of TB all together....

Re: Issues trying to buy the game

Posted: Tue 09 Jul, 2013 12:49 pm
by Paul Norman
Hi, I am sorry to hear you are having trouble and I will do what I can to help. I don't recognise that error you are talking about, could you tell me which web page you are trying to go to? Is it an error in your web-browser you are seeing?

If you can, please send me a screen shot of the error so I can see what it is that is complaining.