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Unusual Webstore log-in problem

Posted: Wed 03 Feb, 2010 8:44 pm
by SteveP
I tried to log-in using what I thought was the correct ID and password, and was unsuccessful. However, I could not use my email address to get the correct information, because my email address has changed in the meantime. Therefore, any response sent to the original email address would just bounce. I have registered using my new email address, just so I could get here to present the problem. I need a way to get my license information ported over to this new registration -- or else find a way to log-in and edit my original account information with my new email address.

Re: Unusual Webstore log-in problem

Posted: Thu 04 Feb, 2010 12:48 am
by Paul Norman
This can be sorted out. All we need is proof of your purchase which could be the email the webstore sent you or the PayPal/iPayment information. I can then change the email on the account for you. Dont post payment details on this forum, send them to

If future you should keep your login details safe, that way you can log in and change your email address if it ever changes again.