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Tomato Can
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Just saying...

Post by Tomato Can » Sun 17 Nov, 2019 3:17 pm

I posted this on the old TBCB / OOTP Forum. I just wanted to share over here.

I just clicked on my User Name. It tells me that I joined the OOTP Title Bout forum on Feb 17, 2006! I have not been hugely active on the board. In fact, apparently according to my User Name info, this is my 300th post! WOO HOO

I never really played the board game, but I did have the first Lance Haffner computer version and every TBCB version since. I can honestly say that while, yes, this journey for all of us faithful has had it's ups and downs, we have had our hopes up and often things never worked out the way we wanted, I still love this game!!

I just spent hours yesterday playing my Global Boxing Organization universe. I began it real time years ago with the "Universe" year 1890. I am about to start the year 1915. As I looked back at all the "history" that I have experienced it really hit me just how much I enjoy playing this game. Sure, I will play along for a while and then set it aside for a while, but every time I come back to it, I am amazed at just how long I have been playing this game.

Oh, I know it's clunky in spots. I know that it is quite time consuming setting up and working through a Universe if you want to simulate a "career" mode, but I cannot think of another game that I have spent so many real time years playing. To be honest, I think I enjoy the setting up and working through my way of making it a career mode just as much as I enjoy the outcomes of "playing the game". I guess to me, all the set up time is part of "playing the game".

I just wanted to throw this out there to let every one of you who have made this game, including mod makers, such a joy for me just how much I appreciate all of you. I even want to shout out to Paul and say that I am rooting for you!! We all have had plans to do something that for whatever reason just did not unfold the way we hoped. I hope you keep plugging along my friend. You have a great foundation to build on.

Anyway... just saying...

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Re: Just saying...

Post by lewis9a » Sun 17 Nov, 2019 11:23 pm

Wouldn’t know. Never played it. Was waiting for the new 1 but didn’t realise I would be waiting for sooooooooooo long :|

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