Career Stage Adjustment help!

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Career Stage Adjustment help!

Post by rspen46 » Thu 04 Jul, 2013 6:33 pm

I have setup a new Universe, I plan to go through each division one at a time & fight 100 repeat bouts per fighter to try & determine the best percentage than any fighter would have over another, then once the winner is established, I repeat the bout just once but only I go to the losing fighter & change his stats, like non prime & less than top condition so that in my 100 repeats, the fighter that came out on top will win the 1 repeat, so that I may save that 1 repeat to their records & such.

My question is, to go through each division as I plan to establish the top 10 to 20 or so in each division, should I check the Career Stage Adjustment box or leave it unchecked & not use it, it says that if checked, I will lose historical value for the fighters, so if anyone could help, to get the best, most accurate rankings for each division & I will be using all past & present fighters to determine my lists, which should I choose.

Any help is appreciated, as I'm just not sure about the career stage adj.

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Re: Career Stage Adjustment help!

Post by Infinity » Fri 05 Jul, 2013 6:54 am

The main purpose of career stage adjustment is to try and simulate the growth of a fighter. The problem with it from a "historical" standpoint is the computer won't always upgrade a fighter to his prime ratings on it's own. There are two ways you can go about it if you decide to use CSA. 1. Accept the fact that the historical window may be different, or 2. Set it up for the early stages of the fighters career, then manually reset the fighters to prime when they have a set number of bouts (you'll need to determine that) so that they are historically accurate during the prime years. I run tournament worlds usually, so don't bother with the CSA, so there may be others more knowledgeable than I as well.

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