Fighter Ratings Changes!

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Fighter Ratings Changes!

Post by rspen46 » Sat 13 Jul, 2013 7:50 pm

I have been doing a lot of research on many of the top HW fighters in the game, mainly in the areas of Punching Power, Defense, Aggressiveness & Endurance, & this will affect their overall rating in many, if not most I have worked on, I will start with Power, I raised Max Baer to a 12, I came to my new ratings conclusions after reading all the info I could find on the experts other opinions on the Hardest PUnchers In HW history also watching months of video on the top guys at HW, so Baer goes to 12, he is without a doubt one of the Hardest of all-time top 10.
Liston moves up to a 12, Jeffries to 11, I can't remember if Frazier moved up or not, but I have him at 13, I believe his Left Hook could as Hard as anything Foreman & Shavers threw & I have them the hardest 2 punching HWs, F. Patterson goes to a 9, many rate him top 10 or 15 but I think he is out of the top 10 probably just out of the top 15., that's if for now on Power, Ali's defense was moved down 1 pt. because it was just way too high, great defensive fighter, not getting hit a lot, but not that high, I have other ratings to change, but I must 1st test them out to make sure the new changes do not do anything wild or crazy.

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Re: Fighter Ratings Changes!

Post by Cap » Mon 15 Jul, 2013 12:13 am

To each his own. HP alone does not a thumper make! In the old days the guys rating the fighters for the game were helped by at least one member of the IBRO, and these guys are first-rate boxing historians. I believe I always had Baer's HP at 11 which is pretty high considering he was more a clubber than a slugger.

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