Release 1.3

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Release 1.3

Post by Paul Norman » Sat 22 Feb, 2014 10:14 pm

Hi Guys,

I have just released build 1.3 which contains many bug fixes and issues that have been reported since the last release. You can install the patch from these links:

Linux Patch Installer
Mac Patch Installer
Windows Patch Installer

NOTE: Make sure you backup any saved games you want to keep before installing just in case something goes wrong. They can be found at "My Documents/tbcb2013/saved_games".

When you have installed this patch and start the game you will see the warning dialog saying you are not running the recommended version 1.2. Just ignore that warning for now, as until I release this build publicly I will not be updating the recommended version.

Here is a list of what was fixed between 1.2 and 1.3:
- autoscheduler does not show titles
- fixed "linked with data pool"
- added blurring effect
- added screen resizing
- improved table drawing speed
- MOTD system
- fixed updating data from pool clearing cornermen
- fixed loading in tournament showing wrong view
- fixed tournament pre-playing matches after reload
- fixed tournament replaying drawn bout
- enabled fighter move by default
- fixed issue where title champion showed the wrong weight
- Added copying autoscheduler date/venue to fight card
- Added warning when fighters sexes do not match in fight setup
- fixed display issue on fighter details page
- Added F4 reloading of static data tables
- fixed fighter stats calculation
- fixed fighter stoppages
- Disqualification now recorded as TKO win
- Editing history date updates title history too
- fixed Win-Loss records not showing up for each fighter in the list of scheduled bouts
- changed fight card venue to be set at time of change
- changed fightcard default rounds and added to settings.cfg
- fixed mac modifier keys
- removed tbcb32.exe from 64bit installations
- added change date to options dialog
- fixed crash uploading fighter info
- fixed international date format
- fixed fighter bio uploading
- improved random ref calulation so we don't always get Jay Referson
- fixed crash when venue has no nation
- fixed rcg pic moving when move cookie is on
- improved fight pics - short colours still not right
- fixed opening html ranking pages failing
- fixed crash opening a fight card when the venue has been deleted
- added main page exit button
- fixed bug in webstore offline mode
- fixed autoschedular crash
- added in game skin hotkeys
- improved game loading speed
- added fast start system
- improved start fight page speed
- improved rating records loading speed
- added autosave system
- added options system tab
- added row edit control
- fixed aging bug
- fixed bug where RFG used wrong boxing factor
- fixed bug where RFG ignored division active flag

Here are the bugs I was unable to repeat:
- female fighter wont update - Diana Prazak most notably.
- results of a fight card to show up in the fighter's history
- fighters skip career end stage when aging - some fighters retire before career end!

Please post any issues you have with this build in this thread...

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Re: Release 1.3

Post by jdphx » Sun 23 Feb, 2014 12:41 am

I just have to say THANK YOU Paul!!!!!!!

I was ready to plunk down some $$$$ for this release. I may just purchase
a couple more licenses, to have for future computers, and as a show of
my appreciation!

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Re: Release 1.3

Post by javier_83 » Sun 23 Feb, 2014 2:45 am

Thanks or this update paul!!

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