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The Not-So-Dim Future?

Posted: Mon 04 Aug, 2014 8:13 pm
by Cap
I've been pretty despondent over the fate of this game and the sport in general. Then I upgraded my cable package, finally switching from analog to digital to avoid losing TV altogether as analog channels disappear. The wife is happy as her favourite shows have been saved and new ones appear. I flipped on the telly and started browsing through the almost 300 channels thinking, "The problem won't be finding something good to watch surely, the problem will be deciding which of dozens of shows I should invest time in." I come by my reputation as a curmudgeon honestly. Much to my surprise I discovered after the first few days that many channels are duplicates of each other and often the same programme is broadcast on several different channels. Imagine 300 channels and nothing to watch! Then it dawned on me. There are no doubt thousands, if not millions, of humans in the West with an insatiable appetite for entertainment and a very finite source of said entertainment. The sport of boxing is a unique spectacle in a world of predictable monotony, and Title Bout Boxing, properly constructed and marketed, provides unique entertainment.

Paul, Title Bout Boxing in its long-awaited career version has a future, possibly even a bright one.