How do YOU separate out your boxers?

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Tomato Can
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How do YOU separate out your boxers?

Post by Tomato Can » Thu 11 May, 2017 10:14 pm

I have 5 different regions, each boxer is assigned to their home group::
AABF - African / Arabian
APBC - Asian Pacific
EBU - European
LABO - Latin American
NABA - North American

I also put them in groups representing their skill:
Contenders - Those that make the top ten, these change often.

For those not in the top ten, they are kept in their talent/skill group:
Gatekeepers - Rated 5 and above
Journeymen - Rated 3 and 4
Trailhorses - Rated 1 and 2
Tomato Cans - Rated 0

How about you?

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Re: How do YOU separate out your boxers?

Post by javier_83 » Sat 13 May, 2017 4:17 am

i only use 3 groups..

* Rookie
* Club
* Elite

The elite fighters are the only ones who can fight for the titles and are the best fighers of each division

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