TBCB 2013 ...

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TBCB 2013 ...

Post by Jabez54 »

mates ... I'm going around in a circle ... can't get into Account Login ... nothing ... already registered here ... nada ... can you help ... just don't see anything remotely mentioned TBCB ... want to but this game ... help ...
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Paul Norman
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Re: TBCB 2013 ...

Post by Paul Norman »

I am sorry to hear you are having trouble. When you say you can;t get into your account are you meaning the webstore or the game?

If your trying to get into the webstore, go to the webstore login failure page (https://www.pisd.co.uk/sgo/webstore/login-failure) and at the bottom enter your email address in the section titled "Help I have forgotten my login details...". Your login information will be emailed to your registered email address. Once you have received this email you can log into your webstore account to view all license information.

If its the game your having trouble with, please email your serial number to someone@pisd.co.uk and I will look into it for you.
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Re: TBCB 2013 ...

Post by Cap »

Got to say I'm really pumped for Title Bout 2013. Most of what I've seen of the game looks great. Just a few cosmetic changes needed, and bugs to be exterminated, before its official release. Then it's on to work for Title Bout 2014 the career version. :mrgreen:

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