Issue after installing Title Bout 2013

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Issue after installing Title Bout 2013

Post by bagman428 »

The install went smooth but after I turned my PC off and back on a few hours later it took a longer time than normal to come up and I got some error saying that I have limited login access to my computer and the theme color on my computer changed (looks different) so I did a system restore and it wiped out the title bout game surprisingly as I thought system restore would not remove the game... my questions are .. how do I put the game back on will there be a license conflict? I know i have 2 licenses but how can I get the 1st one to work I already used it? Do I need to go to the PISD page and hit "Request Release"? in order to use the license again? Also has anyone seen that error about the limited login access? Im wondering if the game did that or if it was a windows update which also installed on my pc today... i will re-install but how do I go about using the same license again and has anyone seen that limited login access error after installing the game?
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Re: Issue after installing Title Bout 2013

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There is no reason why the game casued your problem it is more likely it was the update. I suggest doing one at a time to see which caused it. If the restore put your PC back into the same state as before there should be no trouble using the same licence again as its still the same computer. So after installing use the same licence number as before and it should be fine. If it does give you an error then you will need to use the release option in your webstore account, but I dont think you will so try it out before you release it.
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