license issues

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license issues

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Pretty p****d off about not being able to license my game (OOTP15 on Ubuntu). I have gotten used to the fact I have to enter my god-damn license code every few times I open the game, but now I can't get it to accept the code. I have only ever used the licenses on this computer. I have gone through every step multiple times. I have tried to enter the code up to 20 times. I have the licenses in a text file and since I've had to enter them so many times I know how to copy and paste without spaces. I have re-installed the game. I have released my licenses. I have logged in to my webstore account to confirm the licenses are valid. I am not new to this - the problem is on your end.

I am in an online league that sims three times a week so I need to get this problem solved.
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Re: license issues

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I am sorry you are having so much trouble, I will do my best to resolve this for you. I do most of my Tittle Bout and the webstore development on Linux MInt which is an Ubuntu derivative so it should work. Can you email me at with your codes so I can look into your account. Also, can you try using the offline licensing mode, but instead of posting the request on the webpage as instructed, paste it in the email to me. This will contain some important information to help me solve your issue.
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