Create Game Not Working

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Create Game Not Working

Post by tgb21502 » Sat 25 Apr, 2020 2:50 pm

I have had this game since 2013 and never had any problems with creating a game until now. When I try to create a game a window pops up saying unable to create game. I reinstalled the game and it still happens. Very frustrating. The game used to work fine until a few years ago when the automatic updates starting causing error with the boxers and deleted my created games. Now I can't play the game at all because I am unable to create a game. What is going on?

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Re: Create Game Not Working

Post by Cap » Tue 28 Apr, 2020 1:28 pm

Unfortunately, TB2013 is a mess and should probably just be written off. Try going back to TB 2.5 for a more stable game. The next version may never show up as it is a one-man operation being worked on as a hobby as revenue is not expected to be high. We would need a white knight to appear with loads of cash to buy the rights to the game and hire an actual gaming team to produce a real game.

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