Can I get this forum in other languages?

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Can I get this forum in other languages?

Post by clanciart »

Greetings everyone,

I would like to understand whether this forum can be made into other languages?
Can anyone give help me how that is be done?

Thanks :D

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Paul Norman
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Re: Can I get this forum in other languages?

Post by Paul Norman »


I strongly suspect this was in fact a spam post as your location is in the US and your original post had a link to another forum also in English (which I have removed). However the question you ask is valid and might be of help to others. What Language were you thinking of? I am guessing Spanish, as to my knowledge its use is widespread in the US.

Here at PISD we only speak English natively, tho we are not too bad at American ;) I am also trying, albeit badly, to learn Spanish. The net result being we can only administer this forum and offer support in English. In fact we tend to remove other languages as 99% of the time its Spam in a Russian looking language. However you can use great Internet tools like babelfish to translate a specific forum page. Here is the FAQ at the top of this forum translated into Spanish by babelfish. ... =Translate

I hope this answers your question.

(BTW: if this was not spam, you might consider not linking external websites in your very first post, it looks bad ;))
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