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I have been playing Title Bout since it first came out as a board game from Avalon Hill. My dad and I spent hours playing this game. I have moved through all of the versions as the game continues to survive. Here are a couple of things that I haven't been able to figure out yet.

First, the George Foreman that was included in the download was of the older George, and therefore not rated as highly as the younger version. I could not find the younger version, so I went back to my TB2 game, and created a new fighter with all of the ratings from the other game.

I have found where to change a fighter form weight class to weight class, but in the old game there was a way to create a copy of the boxer, and then change the copy to a different weight class. Many fighters fought in several different weight classes during their career, such as Sugar Ray Robinson. We need a way to have the ability to put these fighters in each weight class, and not have to change them every time we want to use them in a different class.

On e last thing, I would like to see the fighter's skin color change to what the fighter being used in the game actually was.

I love this game. I am glad to see the game continues to live on.
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