Norton virus contronl eliminating you download

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Norton virus contronl eliminating you download

Post by tonyzaleski »

Salivating over a Tony Zale-Hurricane Carter 15-rounder since I saw you ad but Norton Virus control says you download is either infected or corrupt. What gives I just paid 20 bucks? I tried downloading it twice and Norton is knocking off your download. Will I be unable to play the game and get my money back? I'd rather play the game.
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Re: Norton virus contronl eliminating you download

Post by Paul Norman »

Norton Anti Virus is a right pain in my side. It keeps flagging up my game as suspicious despite me telling them its fine. I will go to the Norton webpage now and try again!

In the meantime you can turn off Norton, download the file and then turn Norton back on. As long as you are downloading from and you don;t browse anywhere else with Norton is off you should be fine.

This youtube video shows how to disable Norton so you can download the file:
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