Any Leakers Out There?

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Any Leakers Out There?

Post by Cap » Fri 18 May, 2018 4:17 pm

Considering how many leaks are appearing every other day in the good ship Orangeade, I'm surprised we haven't heard anything from the so-called Alpha Test team. At one point it seemed like we were about to see some real progress, maybe even a tentative release date, then....bupkis. Bugs raised their ugly heads yet again and the door was slammed shut.

If one of us actually came into a large amount of lolly, enough to attract at least two reputable full-time game-makers, I think most would be willing to start over from scratch. If we had to. We'd need to have a team of testers and another to create boxers and one to decide what basic stuff was needed in a boxing sim so we weren't wasting programming time.

Dream on, eh. Now, if we could just get Lennox Lewis or Wladimir Klitschko interested enough to endorse the idea..... 8-)

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Re: Any Leakers Out There?

Post by lewis9a » Fri 18 May, 2018 5:37 pm

they were the good days...when it felt like we almost got close to being able to play the game :lol: i think the problem is it seems like Paul feels like he needs the game to be perfect before he releases it when he could probably just release it now and then release updates to make it more and more stable and add the things in that he has not had a chance to put in yet it looked pretty playable in the videos we have seen and they were a long time ago so it must be better now than it was then. but i have said it before and ill say it again when there is no news or anything for a while the optimist in me hopes it is because he is so close to finishing it that he just wants to do that last bit so he can just come and say its done its coming out monday. the pessimist in me feels like this game is neverrrrr going to get done because it will never be quite perfect enough and the only person who will ever get to play it is his son and his testing team. i think he should give us a tentative release date so it gives him a deadline to work towards. what year was the game originally going to come out in? 2015?

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