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Out of the Park Baseball 13
developed by Out of the Park Developments

Out of the Park Baseball 13
Platforms: Linux
Out of the Park Baseball 13 is the 2012 version of the best-selling
and award-winning baseball simulation game.
Play with 2012 Major League rosters (including thousands of individually rated real players down to the low minor leagues), any historical replay season from 1871 to 2011, the complete history of baseball in career mode or simply a completely customizable fictional league, including great player photos utilizing the FaceGen engine!
New features include: A vastly improved interface, a revolutionary "Real Time Simuation" mode, many new screens, interactive storylines, new trade & roster AI, league associations, improved playoff options, enhanced online league functionality and much more! This is the best OOTP we have ever produced, period.
In OOTP 13 you guide your team to glory. Set up your roster, trade players, draft the next superstar, negotiate with free agents, discover talent in the rule-5 draft, keep an eye on your minor leaguers, scout foreign countries or other leagues, it's all here. On top of the GM features, OOTP sports a great baseball simulation engine with stunning statistical accuracy and extensive play-by-play. It is widely regarded as the most realistic baseball game available, by far! You call all the shots from the dugout and see the game unfold before your eyes.
If you are a baseball fan, you owe it to yourself to play Out of the Park Baseball 13!
Price:$19.99 for 2 licences

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