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Release Licence Without Account

This page is for anyone that has a stuck webstore licence but does not have a webstore account. This can be the case if you purchased your licence from another website such as Amazon or you were given a complimentary serial code. If you do have a webstore account you need to log into your account and select 'release' from the licence in question.

Asking P.I.S.D. Ltd to release a licence is a last resort. If it is at all possible to release the licence yourself then you should do it. Make sure you have read all available documentation and visited any support forums before you proceed.

If your licence is regularly getting stuck or blocked contact P.I.S.D. Ltd BEFORE your proceed to release your licence so that the cause can be detected and rectified.

If you need help or advice then please go to the P.I.S.D. Forums for assistance.

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