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Fantasy Name Generator

Fantasy Name Generator
developed by P.I.S.D. Ltd

What is the "Fantasy Name Generator"?

Bored with life, wonder who you might have been if only you'd been born as a prancing Elven maestro or a brutish Orc. Sorry we can't help you with that - but at least we can tell you what your alternate self's name might have been.

Use this elegant application to generate a new name for youself as an Elf, Orc or even a Dwarf. This application will be updated in the future with new and unique names and even the possibility of adding in additional races.

Does it use the P.I.S.D. Development Libraries?

Yes. Fantasy Name Generator was build on top of the P.I.S.D. Development Libraries which made development easier. It was developed and tested on Windows and Linux as the developers involved were more familiar with those operating systems. The application was only taken over to Xcode for final build and testing on the iPhone hardware making the whole process very easy.

We created this application because we are fans of fantasy and RPG style books and games first and foremost, but also from a practical business perspective it shows off the unique flexibility of the P.I.S.D. Development Libraries and how it can save time and effort by allowing one to reuse the same codebase across a myriad of different platforms.

How do I get it?

The Fanstasy Name Generator is available from the Apple App Store for the iPhone or iPod Touch. It is also availible below for Windows, Mac and Linux.