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These documents are provided to help anyone either developing with a P.I.S.D. Ltd product or using an application developed with a P.I.S.D. Ltd product. While every effort is made too keep this information accurate and up to date, P.I.S.D. Ltd offers no warranty or guarantee that it is correct. If you do spot an error or inconsistency then please report it to someone@pisd.co.uk.

General Use Documentation

Skinning Basics

This tutorial details the P.I.S.D. Skinning system basics. It introduces the basic skinning objects and how they are used.

Installer XML File Format

This tutorial details the XML file format for the P.I.S.D. Installer. It lists the XML tags used along with their settings making it easy to create and modify installer XML configuration files.


Documentation For Developers

MacOSX Xcode Hint and Tips

This tutorial is for MacOSX users. It guides you through the steps required to setup a new Xcode project that builds with the P.I.S.D. Development Libraries.