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Football Manager Handheld iPhone

Football Manager Handheld iPhone
developed by Sports Interactive Ltd

What is "Football Manager Handheld iPhone"?

Football Manager Handheld iPhone allows you to take control of all aspects of management, from managing a squad of up to 36 players, setting your tactics, formations, team and individual player instructions, training and transfers. You can manage in any of 11 countries and 34 leagues and take your chosen team to the top of the table. Buy and sell in a transfer market featuring over 20,000 players recruiting world stars or hidden gems. Watch your team in action using the classic Football Manager match view, allowing you to analyse your own teams performance, your opponents weaknesses, or just celebrate the goals going in!

How was P.I.S.D. involved?

Football Manager Handheld iPhone was built on the P.I.S.D. Development Libraries. This enabled members of the team to develop the game without needing "hands on" access to the iPhone hardware tools. Its flexible design made it easy to create the game look and slick interface.

How do I get it?

Football Manager Handheld iPhone is available from the Apple App Store for the iPhone or iPod Touch.