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Out of The Park Baseball 10

Out of The Park Baseball 10
developed by Out Of The Park Developments

What is "Out of the Park Baseball 10"?

Out of the Park Baseball 10 is the next release of this popular baseball management simulation. It is the sequel to Out of the Park Baseball 9 and continues to be produced by Out Of The Park Developments. Some of new features are:

  • Now Includes Individual Pitch Ratings for Every Pitcher!
  • Real Life Arbitration and Free Agent Compensation!
  • New Minor League DL's!
  • New Ratings Editor! Now just input stats to generate ratings!
  • Reworked and Improved In-game AI and Player Evaluation AI!
  • 2009 Major League Rosters
  • Reworked Pitching System
  • Customizable In-Game Screen
  • Improved In-Game AI
  • Enhanced Play-By-Play
  • Inaugural Draft With Budgets
  • Improved Free Agent Compensation
  • Improved Player Evaluation AI
  • Improved Injury System
  • Minor League Disabled Lists
  • Optional Reserve Roster Limit
  • More News Stories
  • eMail Support in Online Leagues
  • Improved Historical Simulation

How was P.I.S.D. involved?

Out of the Park Baseball continues to use the P.I.S.D. Development Libraries to create its highly polished graphical user interface. The flexible and easy to use interface provided by the P.I.S.D. Development Libraries has been well received by the development team. It has provided a solid application framework that has handled all demands and expectations made of it. Out of the Park Baseball is distributed using the P.I.S.D. Installer on all platforms.

Where can I get it?

You can read more about Out of The Park Baseball and download the latest version from here. If you wish to buy the Linux or Mac version of this game you can find it in the Out Of The Park Developments Webstore.