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Out of The Park Baseball 2006

Out of The Park Baseball 2006
developed by Sports Interactive Ltd

What is "Out of the Park Baseball 2006"?

Out of the Park Baseball 2006 features the ultimate in realism, playability and unparalleled customization, placing you in a virtual baseball world of your own making, right on your PC. Create your own universe using players of the past (via a direct link with the Baseball Archive), present, or, for the ultimate challenge, using purely fictional players created by the AI. Build your own dynasty by signing free agents, wheeling and dealing with other owners or by calling up that hot prospect from the minors. Watch your seasoned veteran's skills slowly deteriorate and replace him with one of your top picks from the amateur draft. A multitude of play options include solo against the computer AI, or against friends in a multiplayer league.

How was P.I.S.D. involved?

This is the first version of Out of the Park Baseball developed by Sports Interactive and uses the P.I.S.D. Development Libraries to create the highly polished graphical user interface. The easy to use and flexible skinning system enabled the graphics artist to create the high quality appearence this game enjoys. The P.I.S.D. Development Libraries have enabled this release to be availible on both MS Windows and Apple Mac with very little extra development.

Where can I get it?

You can read more about Out of The Park Baseball and download the latest version from here.