Problem with TBCB 2013,v1.4 "DISAPPEARING FIGHTERS"

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Problem with TBCB 2013,v1.4 "DISAPPEARING FIGHTERS"

Post by Rob7832 » Fri 01 Sep, 2017 8:23 pm

Hey Everyone!
I am currently using Windows 8.1,the game runs well except that it erases all new saved content like new fighters that I have created or fights that I have organized,pressing the "save button" makes no difference,after a few minutes that I have created a new fighter it disappears like it never existed even when I press the "save button" during all process of its creation.
Has this happened to anyone?
Is this some kind of bug?
Thanks for the help in advance

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Re: Problem with TBCB 2013,v1.4 "DISAPPEARING FIGHTERS"

Post by Infinity » Thu 31 Jan, 2019 10:57 pm

having the same issue...mostly seems to be old fighters that are missing for me @Paul please fix this

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Re: Problem with TBCB 2013,v1.4 "DISAPPEARING FIGHTERS"

Post by Cap » Sun 03 Feb, 2019 11:30 pm

TB2013 has known problems. Paul is supposed to be working on the new version of the game while also working on OOTP and other projects, so I doubt he has free time to fix bugs in a lost cause like TB2013.

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