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PISD Development Libraries

P.I.S.D. Development Libraries
developed by P.I.S.D. Ltd

The P.I.S.D. Development Libraries are highly flexible and easy to use, producing high quality, advanced, skinable GUI on many different systems. The libraries have been written as cross platform software and currently support a number of platforms. They have been used in-house to create a number of applications such as a finance tracker program and Page Tool.

Currently Supported Platforms:

Windows NT/2000/XP/Vista/Windows7
Apple Machintosh MacOS X
Intel x86 Linux (tested on Mandriva/Ubuntu)
PlayStation Pocket (TM)
Nintendo DS Homebrew

The P.I.S.D. Development Libraries have been designed with portability in mind and can be easily ported to any platform. The company is continuously looking to increase its supported platform base. If you require another hardware platform we are willing to discuss your request.


Flexible resolution settings including fullscreen or windowed mode
8-Bit alpha channel support
Intuitive Development Structure
Skinning support, with additional beta prototyping editor (Page Tool)
Efficient Network support with routed message delivery
Variety of supported input methods from traditional mouse and keyboard to touch-screens and joysticks
Configuration file management class
Sending Email and SMS functions
Lite HTTP engine that can serve web pages directly
Simple FTP client for sending and receiving files from a password protected server
Basic physics models
Intergrated OpenGL access

Selection of GUI Widgets Available

Scroll Bars
Ticker bar/Vidi printer (animating text display)
Animations (custom format)
Tables with column sorting
Areas (layout assistants)
Intelligent Text objects with automatic hot-link generation for html type linking
Support for creation of custom GUI Objects
Menus and floating menus (can be used as 'right click' menus)
List boxes
Check boxes
Text window and text edit

Supported File Types

.ttf - True Type Fonts
.otf - Open Type Fonts
.png - Flexible, patent free graphics format with alpha channel support
.jpg - Popular internet image format
.pcx - Previously popular image format (only 256 colour images supported)

The abstraction layer uses the following third party utilities:

FreeType font engine (Freeware)
IJG Jpeg image engine (Freeware)
Zlib compression library (Freeware)
libpng Png image engine (Freeware)
expat XML parser (Freeware)
T2K font engine (Optional - requires a licence)

Can I use these libraries?

If you are interested in licencing this technology please contact P.I.S.D. Ltd.