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What is the "Pontoon"?

If you're a fan of Pontoon (also known as Blackjack or 21) but can't be bothered with all the dealing and shuffling of the real thing then get this app.

The game starts you out with a pittance and challenges you to make as much money as you can competing against a variety of opponents, its great fun to play and doesn't involve the the risk of blowing your savings ....

Does it use the P.I.S.D. Development Libraries?

Yes. Pontoon was build on top of the P.I.S.D. Development Libraries which made development easier. It was developed and tested on Windows and Linux as the developers involved were more familiar with those operating systems. The application was only taken over to Xcode for final build and testing on the iPhone hardware making the whole process very easy.

It also uses the P.I.S.D. Page Tool to create the user infterface. This enabled the skin to be developed independantly of the game code which made development faster and more efficient.

This game is another practical example of the unique flexibility of the P.I.S.D. Development Libraries and the P.I.S.D. Page Tool which shows how they can save time and effort by allowing one to reuse the same codebase across a myriad of different platforms and remove artisits dependancy on developers.

How do I get it?

Pontoon is available from the Apple App Store for the iPhone or iPod Touch. It is also availible below for Windows, Mac and Linux.

Pontoon is available from the PISD Webstore. You will need to log in to purchase the game.